Service portfolio

We believe in everything being done first-hand – that guarantees unfaltering first-class quality. Because of this belief, we advise and support you in the development stage of your products. We provide you with EMC-preliminary consideration (Pre-Compliance-Measurements). Besides your assembly we may also manufacture cable sets up to suitable housings and mount everything to the finished product. Finally we may also arrange the complete logistics including shipment directly to the customer and handle the after-sales-support as well as maintenance and repair services.

Research & Development

» hard- and software development (Eagle, Protel)
» especial experience in HF-design (up to 24GHz)
» design and layout for single or multi layer
» circuit programming (EPROM, FPGA etc.)
» circuit design / circuit simulation
» development of user interfaces
» help and support during the development phase
» pre-compliance-measurements /preliminary EMV-considerations to analyse problems and presentation of approaches
» own EMV-laboratory with multifunctional absorber room for measurements in anechoic environment (antenna-, / emission measurements, immunity- /stability tests)
» certification of assemblies and devices in connection with accredited partners
» 3D-Construction (Solid Works)

Systems are as varied as our customers and can be applicated in various areas. For example:

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  • hochfrequenztechnik2.jpg
  • klimatechnik.jpg
  • led-beleuchtung.jpg
  • medizintechnik.jpg
  • militaer-drone.jpg
  • militaer-marksman.jpg
  • robotertechnik.jpg
  • solartechnik.jpg
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» complete material procurement off all components (PCB’s and mechanical components)
» purchasers with high degree of expertise and long-term relationships guarantee a worldwide purchase even from special components
» high purchase volume enables favourable prices
» modern storage system

Automatic Assembly

» 5 state-of -the-art SMD-lines with flexible line concepts
» production capacities for prototype up to large-scale production
» SMD assembly of all standard components
(BGA, QFP, Flipchip up to 0.3mm, SMD to 01005)
» several assembly technologies (THT, Pin-in-Paste etc.)
» force-controlled assembly of connectors and mechanical parts (ODD form)
» state-of-the-art soldering systems (wave, reflow, selective, robot, vapour phase)
» own nitrogen production for protective-gas soldering

Manual Assembly

» conventional assembly of all components
» ring handling system with laser controlled working places
» Barcode-controlled double wave soldering machines with double spraying nozzle
» separate sample assembly for prototype and small series
» half automatic assembly system with rotating suppliers or paternoster systems
» rework station for exchange of BGA’s, QFP’s etc without any hazards for the components (BGA – rebelling possibility)
» Automatic dispenser for soldering pastes

Additional Services

» partial or complete assembly lacquering
» cable assembly (automatic cutting and production in soldering, crimp or insulation displacement technique)
» coil and air-core coil development
» CNC controlled pin assembly
» tool manufacturing for mechanical processing
(milling, turning, stamping etc.)
» own CNC-technique for processing of aluminium, pvc, acrylic and FR4
» manufacturing of own housings
» cover inscription (pad-printing or silk-screen printing, laser inscription)
» sealing- and adhesive technique
» mounting of all components to complete device
» development and manufacturing of antennas


» own testing and measuring equipment
» incircuit-tests (inline or manual)
» functional and end tests including preparation of test setup
» 3D paste print inspection
» automatic optical inspection post placement (3D-AOI / AOI)
» automatic X-ray inspection (AXI)
» climate and vibration testing
» statistical/dynamical testing in temperature and climate chambers
» testing in own high-frequency shielded chambers

Quality Assurance

» continuous material tracing during the entire production process
» retracing system for the entire production process (Traceability)
» 2D laser-marking or adhesive-labelling of pcb’s for traceability


» packaging of all devices and assemblies
» foam facility for ideal protection of the products
» assumption of all logistical services (we offer all the logistic)
» direct shipment to you, dealer or end customer


» repair during the guarantee period and beyond that
» demonstration of improvement