Wireless Flood/Water Leak Detector


Videotronik wireless flood sensors detect the water leak, protect your property from water leak. The detector not only is built-in RF transmitter for working with our wireless alarm systems and eliminates complex hardwired installations, but also with a loud buzzer and flash LEDs for standalone working. The detector is powered by two 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries (included), without any wiring, it`s very easy to install. Except that, this Videotronik detector with low voltage design, when the batteries run out, the sensor will make flash light to remind user to replace the batteries. Additionally, the detector comes with test button for regularly checking the sensor’s functionality. This detector is designed to detect the presence of water on laundry room, basement, water heater or sump pump...etc places.

Water leak sensor also referred as "flood sensor", it`s sensitive to water leak and place the sensor on a surface, the sensor can give warning alarm signal, before water intrudes into your basement or laundry room. When the sensor is working with alarm system and detects flood, you will get notified with audio phone call or short message (SMS) immediately.

The key features for sensor

  • Water detection alarm without any wires connection
  • Consist of a water sensor and a wireless transmitter
  • Built-in RF transmitter for linking an alarm system
  • Equipped with sounder/buzzer and flash LEDs for standalone working
  • Make 85dB sound, when detect water
  • Being powered by 2 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries
  • Low voltage reminding functions
  • Special contact design for high sensititvity water leak detection
  • Come with test button
  • Included with 6ft wires between water sensor and wireless transmitter
  • Included with wall mounted bracket

Water leak detector diagram

Water leak sensor special surface contact

Water leak flood sensor

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