Central Monitoring Station

How does a Videotronik Central Monitoring Station [Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)] works?

Alarm Systems send alarm signals over telephone landline to a central monitoring station, it works as the link between your home and the police station, fire emergency, and emergency response department.
The Central monitoring station is working under 24hours a day, and 365days a year by trained operateors to respond to emergencies.
The security operators take the relevant action to inform the police or home owner.

What if the telephoneline is cut or out of service ?

When your landline fails or is cut, your alarm panel will be triggered immediately(we call telephone line cut protection alarm), also there are back-up device (GSM dialer or SMS sender) to link your home security system to central monitoring station. Please note that the alarm system will keep communicating with the alarm receiver, until the phone call is put through (handshake), this algorithm therefore can ensure the ARC can receive every alarm signal from users.
More over, R-2005GSM is equipped with SMS receiver, which can receive the SMS alert from alarm systems.

Eagle Central Monitoring Station

Eagle Police Call Receiving Center (Central Monitoring Station) is a receiving and responding system designed for online alarm systems. Consisting of a receiver (hardware) and a program (software), PCRC is suitable for use in cities, schools, hospitals and residential compounds. The receiver is capable of receiving signals in CONTACT ID,4+2 EXPRESS,4/2,4 /1 and 3/1 formats and is compatible with all systems commonly used in the world, such as ADEMCO, C&K, DSC, VIDEOTRONIK, PARADOX, BOSCH, GE, EL, FBI and OMNI, Skylink, etc. More than thousands of security companies are choosing and using our Eagle central monitoring station equipment.

In order to prevent the digital alarm receiver from being damaged by power surge,the digital alarm receiver should plug in a surge protector. When selecting a surge protector, it`s highly recommended to use one that is UL-1449 rated, for a clamping voltage of 330 or lower, a joule rating of at least 400 and a response time of 10 nanoseconds or less.

Digital Alarm Receiver R-2005GSM

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Digital Alarm Receiver R-2005G

Model:Central Monitoring Station R-2005G
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Digital Alarm Receiver-R-2004/G

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Digital Alarm Receiver R-2003

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