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About Us

Videotronik Technology (HK) Limited was founded in 2002, based on the professional research and development capability of founder company Videotronik R&D Security GmbH, located in Lodersleben Technology Park, Querfurt, Germany.


More than 45 years of company history

After emerging from the radio and TV industry, this company is who help to subsidiaries to be developed fast in CCTV field and to be a professional CCTV manufacturer in Shenzhen, with Hong Kong headquarters for exportation logistic purposes.

With the markets expansion and demand, and with the best staff and substantial technology, Videotronik is walking at the head of the development of updated technology and become one of the leading manufacturers in security industry in China. On that sense, in cooperation with affiliated XM Hangzhou Technology Co. Ltd., Videotronik has recently started the massive DVR production in a new plant located in Yinhu Innovation Center, Zhejiang, China.

OEM and ODM service

Videotronik offers OEM and ODM service to cooperate with market requirements, based on “Quality First” which is all that we work for, and it is our honor to provide excellent service and quality products to meet customer requirements.


Videotronik produces and exports CCTV Cameras and Stand Alone DVRs, till now the product range covers HD IP cameras, HD-SDI Cameras, Indoor and Outdoor analog HD cameras, PTZ Cameras and H.264 DVR/NVR.

Reliable and Successful

The company is willing to make its reliable customers feel reliable and successful to work with us, and try to make our employees be happy in working for Videotronik.

Chinese distributors and overseas

Cooperated with many Chinese distributors and overseas CCTV branded customers before, we have enjoyed the fixed channel for the exporting to USA, Europe, Middle Asia, Russia and Latin America, with the trustable reputation across worldwide industrial area, commercial center, financial area, entertainment place, government, and residential appliances.

German R&D team

Depending on the powerful German R&D team and Chinese manufacturing capacity, our factories have been independently developing a series of products used in security field, which majorly include many kinds of cameras and alarm systems, which have gain big market share and have been widely welcomed by our customers for its qualified and stable standard, our production are certified to ISO 14001, helping to improve resource efficiency and environmental performance, reduce waste, and drive down costs.

High technology and Customer satisfaction

Finally, with the opportunities and challenges, Videotronik will continue to base its development on the high technology and customer satisfaction, which is we work for. And we will make ourselves a world famous company in the security industry with our good faith.

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